Cultural attractions around Salzburg

In order to make sure that you enjoy your stay to the maximum, even if the weather does not present itself from its most attractive side, we created a “best of”-list on cultural must sees and interesting places of excursions.

Now that the Salzkammergut and Salzburg’s surrounding offer a great many possibilities to spend one’s time, we boiled them down to highlights presented below. We guarantee that you will not only learn a lot about the culture and history of Salzburg, but you will also come to understand that Salzburg has numerous different facets and styles – an aspect which makes it really charming.


Narcissus festival in Bad Aussee, Schafbergbahn, Open-air museum Salzburg:

Salt mine Hallein

Learn how “white gold” was hand mined 2500 years ago, and get a feeling for what it is like working in a mine or rather hundreds of meters below the surface.

Salzwelten Bad Dürrnberg
Ramsaustraße 3
A-5422 Bad Dürrnberg
Tel.: 0043-(0)6132-200-8511

Narcissus festival in Bad Aussee

Bad Aussee is a popular Austrian town located in the state of Styria. With some 5,000 inhabitants the town is rather small, but there is one event when it becomes the center of attention – the Narcissus festival (Narzissenfest). That’s the time when locals create massive flower statues in order to put them on boats. A great amount of these boats then decorate the Grundl-lake or Altausseer-lake.

8990 Bad Aussee
Tel: +43 (0) 3622/52273
Fax: +43 (0) 3622/54528


The Schafbergbahn is for those kind of people who enjoy technology from the early days (to be precise 1893). The Schafbergbahn is a metre gauge cog railwa y taking you from St.Wolfgang to the Schafberg.

Salzkammergutbahn GmbH
Markt 35
5360 St. Wolfgang
Telefon: +43/6138/22 32-0

Giant Ice World

The giant ice world is a place one of its kind. If you have never been to this place, then plan some time to go there – it is definitely worth it. Find out how beautiful and impressive nature can be.

Eisriesenwelt GmbH
Eishöhlenstrasse 30
A - 5450 Werfen
T.: +43/(0) 6468/5248

Open-air museum Salzburg:

If you are interested in old farmhouses, the open-air museum in Grossgmain is the place to go. Walk into old houses and complete companies from back then, and experience what life must have been like years ago.

Salzburger Freilichtmuseum
Tel: +43 662 85 00 11

Harvest Festival

For the 23rd time starts from 26. August 2018 the fifth season of year in Salzburger Land - the Harvest Festival. You can enjoy it to the fullest until 26. Oktober 2018.
Some important dates for the harvest festival

Here you find the most important events during the harvest festival.

  • fisher's festival on the lake Fuschl, 01.09.2018, from lunchtime (castle's fishery)
  • harvest festival in the village, 02.09.2018, from 9am (Faistenau)
  • Fuschl's harvest festival, 16.09.2018, from 9:15am (Fuschl's center)

Bad Ischl, Salzbergwerk Hallein, Bad Ischl Kaiservilla, Bauernherbst

Kaiserstadt & Kurort Bad Ischl

Not only the former emperor of Austria “Kaiser Franz Joseph” knew that Bad Ischl is a lovely place to spend one’s summer holidays, but also Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms and Franz Lehar knew that this is the place to relax and let your hair down. If you decide to go and see Bad Ischl you may want to combine it with a relaxing evening in the local thermal spring resort.

Salt mine Altaussee

Once you are in Altaussee make sure that you go and see Austria’s biggest active salt mine.

Salzwelten Altaussee
Lichtersberg 25
A-8992 Altaussee
Tel.: 0043-(0)6132-200-2400

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